Sports Overview

St. Paul's offers various sports for boys and girls beginning in 3rd grade, in conjunction with the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) League. Currently, the fall sports include soccer for boys and volleyball for girls. Spring sports include both boys' and girls' basketball, as well as co-ed baseball. In grades K-2, sports are organized among parents for their children, independent of the CYO League play. In the past, young students have played both co-ed soccer and baseball through various San Francisco organizations, such as the SF Vikings Soccer league.


The St. Paul's Parish Athletic Program has four objectives:

To promote and encourage the development of Christian values (character) through interaction with peers;
To develop the concept of community through the participation in team sports;
To promote individual mental, social, physical and spiritual growth and development through participation in team sports;
To understand that the concepts of team spirit and sportsmanship cannot be over-valued. It is through these ideals that meaningful participation in community is possible for a child.
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